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Grown up bullies, as so many there are, who think they can get what they want.
If you would like to see them beaten up by the good guy, who is always the lone kind, well this is the film for you.
A film after all might be the only chance you will have to watch this kind of epilogue.

"Shane" was filmed in 1953 and awarded with the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Indeed it is outstanding for that.
It is also a classic Western movie, depicting the life of early immigrants pioneers in North America, and what, according to the traditional narrative of the genre, would be their fighting for ensuring roots to their early values and believes against nature and human greed.

The characters may seem of course stereotyped and are absolutely fit for their natural and historical background, in which a certain degree manliness seems required and necessary. Kids are witnessing the adults' fightings and destined to grow up strong and straight.

Alan Ladd absolutely superb in the role of the hero, a young Jack Palance and a beautiful Jean Arthur.


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