Lo chiamavano Jeeg robot

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Lo chiamavano Jeeg robot

Post by Admin on Tue May 03, 2016 2:28 pm

Should superheroes be always be represented by the good guy next door or the handsome, rich and perfectly integrated man who helps the local police to keep clean the streets from yobs and hooligans? Are these superheroes? Is helping bankers and the wealthy to lead their comfortable life under law and order what defines a superhero and a virtue which deserves to bestow superpowers?

According to screenwriter Nicola Guaglianone, cartoonist Menotti and director Gabriele Mainetti an ideal social status does not make you a good person, nor the choices that circumstances like poverty force you to make in order to soothe your hunger pangs and live another day make you a bad person. It is probably too soon to speak of a return of realism in Italian cinematography but perhaps, considering tradition, this is the right place where this come back can occur, and perhaps it is significant the choice of a genre that more than others in at least the last ten years of critical economic recession has been helping to keep common people's consciousness in a state of drowsiness and detachment.

In "Lo chiamavano Jeeg robot" misfits and outcasts, though grotesque their life might appear, show heroic strength in facing their miserable life and their superpowers are particularly outstanding when in a state of indigence they take actions of generosity and altruism, like make a Ferris wheel turn by hand for bringing short moments of joy to a poor fool who believes you are an old anime hero.

The setting of the film are represented by today's urban slums of Rome, inhabited by a manifold sort of wretched people who make their living out of a countless number of criminal activities, from petty crime to drug dealing. It is in this particular kind of social conditions that human nature is pushed to the limits and can give rise to heroes and memorable villains. Who could guess, after so many years of abominable cinema, that a light could be cast and a star could rise again? "Lo chiamavano Jeeg robot" is a true light after darkness and Luca Marinelli its true shining star, portraying an exceptional and memorable villain: his performance is extraordinary, surely worth of praise and objectively outstanding, of shockingly universal effect, his character one of the best villains ever seen in a motion picture.

Luca Marinelli receiving the David prize as a best actor in a supporting role.

In the end, as a marvel movie fan, I guarantee you will overcome the disappointment you may have felt after watching only apparently and formally nonconformist superheroes, and you will overcome that feeling of only partial fulfilment in watching a film trying to convince you that a millionaire in disguise can represent you.

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