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Hero, Zhang Yimou 2004.

"Before China was one great country, its was divided into seven warring states"

The ruthless and ambitious king of Qin plans to unite all the seven states under his rule and move war against his neighbours.
Long Sky, Flying Snow, and Broken Sword from the Zhao state are the most efficient and skilled adversaries, formidable warriors who in the past were able to penetrate the royal palace, defeat numerous guards and threaten the life of the king. After that experience precautions are taken and no one is allowed to approach the king closer than 100 paces.

One day, a mysterious nameless orphan master of blade arrives bringing as a gift to the king the weapons of the three warriors slain by himself in regular contests. Fascinated by Nameless' account, the king invites the man at his presence and ask him to tell his story.

Zhang Yimou work is worthy of praise for the choreographies, the fighting scenes, costumes and scenography.
Since much of the film is centred on the conversation between the king and Nameless, Nameless story and the king's understanding and interpretation of the narrated events, considering also the rich scenography, beautiful costumes and masterly use of colours and photography in the background, 'Hero' gives the impression of being a multifaceted artistic creation, a theatrical representation of a conversation and a man's reflections, and also an impressionistic painting.

Much less interesting and praiseworthy is the use of an epic movie as a subtle propaganda for globalism or such inevitable understanding from the general public.

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