La corona di ferro

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La corona di ferro

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 26, 2016 6:09 pm

There is not a strong tradition in Italy of the fantasy genre, and the results betray this deficiency.
'La corona di ferro' in 1941 is the first italian fantasy movie, remarkable for its deployment of technical means, choreography and ideas although quite naive and annoyingly sentimental, all this compensated by a complicated and imaginative plot, rich symbolism, effective 'coups de théâtre' and secret conspiracies.
Director Alessandro Biasetti decided its film should give a message of peace with an appropriate ending.
Beyond its cinematographic merits, the movie is also remembered for the first Italian topless scene of actress Vittoria Carpi (min. 29:44).
The Italian boxer Primo Carnera also appears in the role of Tundra's slave.

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