Fright night

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Fright night

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:40 pm

The 1985 horror movie 'Fright night' is a great example of how horror movies should be made and what vampires are: monsters, beyond everything and beyond temporary appearances. If your teenager son or nephew still have to watch a horror movie and never had the chance to see a real vampire because of his young age, this is a great start and chance for an initiation.

This film features elements of comedy that should not divert from the fact that it is a real horror movie; as in the best pictures, the evil is just few steps away from normality, over the threshold or, as in this case, behind the neighbour's window.

The special effects are still frightening and believable nowadays, the story scary and moving at the same time, distressing at times when innocence is mixed with corruption. Chris Sarandon is convincing as vampire, ambiguous behind a mask of fascination, and Roddy McDowall unforgettable as a vampire hunter actor called to play the role in real life, scared at first, anguished and hopeless when understands there is not place to hide or way to escape from his written fate and the fight.

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